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Ek-Minute Film Workshop



Presenting a case for 16mm film is akin to presenting a case for cinema itself. Everything from experimental film to cinéma vérité documentaries to pornography was created with this medium. The digitalisation of cinema has led to celluloid film being pushed aside. Despite this, the medium still holds a special place for those interested in cinema. Now mostly outside mainstream institutional guidelines, working with 16mm allows for artistic freedom and experimentation. Engaging with film today represents more than just indulging in nostalgia. It allows the participant a chance to explore a visual language that is specific to the medium.

At this years Serendipity Arts Festival, Harkat Studios will enable an opportunity for filmmakers to make their own one-minute film on 16mm film. 

To participate in the programme, each filmmaker will need to submit an idea and a visual treatment for their film in no more than one page.  Six selected filmmakers will be given 50 feet (roughly one minute) of Kodak 500T/250D stock, a 16mm film camera and a crew to execute their film. All other resources including actors, lights, travel to Goa, locations and production expenses will have to be sources by the makers themselves.  

All the films will be shot between the 11-14th of December in Goa and will be screened on the last day of the festival on the 22nd of December.

The deadline for submission is Nov 27th, 2019. There is no entry fee for submission.

Please fill in the form below. If, for any reason, the form should not work, please email your contact details, a brief profile of you and your idea/ visual treatment in no more than one page to 16mm@harkat.in

Please read the terms and conditions before you apply.

A couple of things to keep in mind:

  • All participants are requested to submit the synopsis and treatment note of the film latest by 27th of November 2019. 
  • Results of the selection will be declared by the 1st of December 2019. 
  • All selected participants are requested to be present in Panjim, Goa between 11th -14th December 2019. 
  • All expenses including conveyance, flying in and out of the city and production costs for the film will be borne by the participant. 
  • All entries are requested to be copy-pasted in the form above. If there is an issue with the form, you can also email us on 16mm@harkat.in
  • The story synopsis and the treatment note should not go beyond a page each. 
  • It’s best to envision a silent film as there is no provision to record sound, however, one is free to digitally attach sound once the film is scanned. 
  • Participants are required to know the locations required for their story, general guidance can be provided by the Festival Team. It’s ideal to keep the locations easily found in public spaces.
  • Each participant is given half a day (8 hours) to shoot their film. 
  • Each participant will be provided an experienced Director of Photography to shoot their film. The participant is the Director of their film. 
  • Kindly note that since one will be shooting analog, there is no monitor to turn to, it will be handy for the entire crew if one has a shot division in place. 
  • All films will be screened on the last day of the festival – 22nd December.
  • For any queries regarding the process kindly contact our team a 16mm@harkat.in
  • The 16mm Film Festival Team has the authority to discard any script if it does not adhere to the prescribed guidelines.