Harkat 16mm Film Festival Harkat 16mm Film Festival



Harkat in collaboration with Labor Berlin brings to you an intensive advanced workshop for filmmakers spanning over two weeks. Participants will deep dive into the process of making a film ‘on film’. This will include conceptualising, learning the fundamentals of film, cameras and their operation, hand developing film, simple editing – resulting in all the films made being screened at the festival on the closing day.

Registration for the workshop will open shortly.

Venue: Harkat Studios, Kodak Film Lab



Intro to reel

A lot of us have perhaps never touched or known film intimately.

This beginner’s workshop in collaboration with Kodak introduces people to the world of film. The workshop will cover an introductory session explaining stock, film, cameras and development. This is followed by a hands-on experience curated just for the participants, where they get to shoot some abstract footage under the guidance of an experienced DOP.

Date: Sunday, 16th December 2018
Time: 11am – 5pm
Venue: To be announced