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An ode to ordinary stories

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The Museum of Ordinary Objects is back with its second edition.

A box of tic-tac mint filled with sand, a jar full of beads or an empty bottle of shampoo may just seem to be everyday objects, but these quaint ordinary pieces of daily life when put under the spotlight will have some amazing stories to share at The Museum Of Ordinary Objects. Back with its second edition this March, the initiative is designed to be a participative temporary museum that defies the market norms of premium and exclusive.

Karan Talwar, a filmmaker and curator of the museum, explains that the aim is to rejoice at the wonders of our ordinary existence. He shares, “It’s a museum that prizes the objects that we live with every day. We have memories associated to these. I wanted to give an insight into ordinary things by curating a space and putting them under the spotlight. We have tried to contextualise objects and treat them like memory boxes,” he shares.

Source: An ode to ordinary stories – Asian Age – Feb 27, 2017

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