Getting here

Don’t despair! Follow the instructions and finding us will be a piece of cake.

Coming from 7 Bungalows or Versova Metro Station:
– follow the main road (JP Road). It goes parallel to the beach towards Versova village.
– the road takes a turn – you will see WTF on your left and Tea Villa Cafe on your right.
– 50m after Tea Villa Cafe on your right side:  comes a big blue board saying “ARAM NAGAR 2”. Next to it is a cafe called Jam Jar (blue/green bungalow)
– turn right here
– you are now on a maidan/square with a big Ganesh temple on the left. (Here is where you can park your car – It’s walking distance from here)
– follow the tiny alley next to the temple (temple should be on your left)
– you are now behind the temple  at a crossing with a sign saying “physioflex”
– go left here
– after 20m take the next turn right
– after 10m you will see a yellow door on your right – that’s us. Number 75.
Coming from Yari Road
There is no big road going from the backside into ARAM NAGAR 2 (what google maps is showing is a lane for bikes and pedestrians).
So kindly park your car in the Fisheries Lane / Popco Colony Road
– Then walk inside Aram Nagar through the lane which Google Maps is showing (it’s between a sabzi wala and a pan shop)
– after 30min on your left you will see a bungalow with yellow door. That’s us. Number 75.
And please, please, be on time. We start all our shows 10 minutes late because of the difficulty in finding our space. It’s respectful to the artists and easy for us, if you just come 15 minutes early. A lot of people have made new friends in the ten minutes waiting. 🙂