16mm Film Festival

Harkat is proud to present Mumbai’s only 16mm film festival.

As we zoom past Instagram filters, automated editing apps on our phones and countless banal videos on our timeline, Harkat wants to travel back to a time of Celluloid. It seems almost utopian now, a time where film making was slow, meticulous and reserved for the select few patient enough to spend hours and hours on formulating a piece of art which could only be admired in a cinema hall, but we believe it is doable.

We want to relive the magic of churning a film through a projector onto a speckless cloth, evoking the tangible quality of the medium.

Aram Nagar, originally a refugee colony used to screen 16mm films during the 60’s & 70’s in the central community ‘maidaan’. The dynamic has now shifted to it being a bustling film and theatre neighborhood, keeping in mind the historical context of the neighborhood we are situated in, we are proud to present a 16mm film festival, showing contemporary and classic films, along with workshops and talks.

The festival has four sections as of now, an experimental film screening section, a commercial screening section, an interactive workshop with a talk on 16mm film and a section where we facilitate young film makers to make their own 16mm films.

The first edition of the festival is scheduled for Nov 25-26, 2017.
To get more more info, you can log onto the website here: Harkat 16mm Film Festival Homepage
To submit your films, kindly log onto: Film Filmfreeway

Please note- We are only accepting films shot in 16mm film format.

16mm film festival in Mumbai