In the Mood for Melancholia

In the Mood for Melancholia is a 3 hour curated evening featuring live performances by an ensemble of artists.

It’s really hard in the world we live in to embrace anything else but being smiling and happy. But, in reality, we are human. We experience all kinds of emotion and the best way ‘to be’ in our reality is to ‘embrace’.
After all, only if you experience the sweet sadness of longing can you experience the joy of hope, love and happiness.

It is an attempt to make the viewer forget the world outside and deep dive in the various emotions which come with melancholia.

Curated to the smallest detail, this performance promises to be exceptionally entertaining and like nothing we have seen before. Artists who are outstanding at their craft combine their talent into exquisite new art forms; merging poetry and music, kalaripayattu with swords and thumri, sand painting and singing, experimental film, ghazals, and a host of short independent pieces.

Programme – From the first edition
Precious – Live painting by Harsh Raman
Melancholia Restored – Ghazals by Namit Das with Kenny & Manasi
Amrita Pritam’s ‘Main tenu phir milangi’ – Recited by Sankalp Rawal
Sung Sand Art Stories – Performed by Debjani Mukherjee & Shayok Banerjee
Loss – A theatrical reading by Satchit Puranik
First Fireworks – A play with Manasi Parekh & Meenal Patel
And Sometimes. She loved me too. – An experimental short film by Karan Talwar
‘Longing’ on the Sarod – A classical piece by Hriday Desai
Murakami’s Sleep – Performed by Sheeba Chaddha
Yaad piya ki aaye – A kalaripayattu sword dance by Arpit Singh and thumri performed by Sriparna Chatterjee
A ‘mini’ Museum of Ordinary Objects –by Tram Arts Trust, Extension Arts, and Harkat Studios

In the Mood for Melancholia is a travelling curation with changing artists. If you are a festival or space, we can bring the experience to you. Kindly contact us.