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Man from Earth – Screening & QnA w/ Director @ Harkat Studios
Nov 25 @ 7:30 pm – Nov 26 @ 10:00 pm
Man from Earth - Screening & QnA w/ Director @ Harkat Studios

Before the Part II releases, we’re showing this amazing classic incl. a Q&A with the director Richard Schenkman – so you can finally get answers to all the questions you have always wanted to ask!
With the friendly support of MovieSaints.

Imagine there would be humans who have been living since the beginning of humanity. Not like vampires, but like normal people, stuck at 40 – without ageing further.
Imagine the things they would know! Their wisdom! What would they be able to share with people like us who live a mere 80 years?
This is the story of such a human.

The film begins with Professor John Oldman (David Lee Smith) packing his belongings onto his truck, preparing to move to a new home.
His colleagues show up to give him an impromptu farewell party: Harry (John Billingsley), a biologist; Edith (Ellen Crawford), an art history professor and devout Christian; Dan (Tony Todd), an anthropologist; Sandy (Annika Peterson), a historian who is in love with John; Dr. Will Gruber (Richard Riehle), a psychiatrist; Art (William Katt), an archaeologist; and his student Linda (Alexis Thorpe).

As John’s colleagues press him to explain the reason for his departure, he slowly, and somewhat reluctantly, reveals that he is a prehistoric caveman who has lived for more than 14 millennia, and that he relocates every ten years to keep others from realizing that he does not age.

With gripping dialogues, this film plays with our minds and we promise it won’t leave you for very long!


With the friendly support of MovieSaints!!

Harkat Wohnzimmerkonzert ft. Ramya Pothuri @ Harkat Studios
Dec 2 @ 7:30 pm – 9:30 pm
Welcome to our monthly singer-songwriter special!
When a song hummed can wander effortlessly between the lips of its singer and your
soul, you are at Harkat Studios Wohnzimmer Konzert.
A concert in our living room.. And for a few hours this is YOUR living room. With a singer-
songwriter right in front of you, strumming music only for you. 
Intimate, pure and absolutely enchanting. Forget the world outside and enjoy music in its
most authentic presentation.  
Harkat Wohnzimmer Konzerts is a series of singer-songwriter sessions presented by
Harkat Studios at their Bungalow in Aram Nagar, Versova.
This presenting 2 set by 2 artists: Ramya Pothuri and Tejas.
Ramya Pothuri is a 21-year old singer-songwriter. But let the looks not deceive you, her velvet soul voice tells stories so candidly that her songs will keep on humming in your ears long after the gig is over.
After living and performing in St. Louis, MO for 10 years, she moved to Hyderabad, India, where she became an avid performer in the city’s nightlife circuit.
A seasoned singer and finger-style guitarist, with an expansive repertoire, she is currently based in Mumbai. Since moving, she began writing and performing her own material and has since performed at venues and festivals such as the NCPA, Blue Frog, Cafe Zoe, Todi Mill Social, New Wave Asia, Control Alt Delete 10, Sofar, as well as The Lil Flea, and The Little Gig Escape in Murud. She released her first independent EP of original music, titled “We Never Left” on August 24th 2016 and promoted it through her venture “The Living Room Tour”, a series of house gigs around Mumbai organised by herself and Ronit Sarkar. In 2017, she completed a completely DIY tour of Sri Lanka, titled “The Quick And Dirty Tour”, along with 5 other artists.
Ramya’s style is largely influenced by folk and pop.
Listen to her on soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/ramyapothuri
Childrens’ Sunday Arts Oasis at Harkat – Launch @ Harkat Studios
Dec 3 @ 10:00 am – 7:00 pm
Harkat Studios and Tram Arts present Sunday Oasis – Arts engagements with Children – Every Sunday at Harkat in Versova.
For long we have been missing sustained arts engagement for children & the young in the city. A space where young people from the age of 6 months up to 16 years can come to immerse themselves in multiple art forms; watch, listen, participate, experience; soak up all that the arts have to offer. A place that they know recognizes human need for the arts, respects inherent creative expressions, cherishes individual & collective potentials.
A space that children & young people can identify as their own artistic playground.
Or as the name suggests, an arts oasis in the middle of India’s ‘commercial’ capital!
Our programme for the day includes:
Game Gulley (6-9 Years) – A workshop of Theatre Games by Loveleen Mishra @10.30 am – 1 pm 
If I can’t dream or play,
Cook up a story
Or lose my way;
Discover a shade of gray,
Imagine its night
when its day…
What’s childhood then anyway?
Ever heard of a Sunday recipe like this one: A quick shot of tug of war, followed by a high protein shake of Lock and Key, Tippy -Tippy tap, Four corners, Chain, Pitthoo, Statue, Blind Man’s buff, Hopscotch and then? A crispy buttery toast of masala poetry and rhyme. And dessert of more games?
A workshop of theatre games to challenge your mind, body & soul! 
Mind & Matter Mini Trail (2-4 Years): Theatre Workshop with Prerna Bagaria @ 11 am – 12.30 pm
Little tots are invited to explore materials with commercial designer and material theatre practitioner, Prerna Bagaria. They will interact with, respond to and explore materials such as water, clay, twigs, dry leaves and more in their barest form. Prerna’s workshops use the very nature of children (curious + creative) to boost their observation & expression skills. 
Nal-Jal (6 months – 6 years): A show for young audiences, taking them on a playful journey to discover pictures, sounds, images made by water!
5 pm- 6.30 pm
A comedian and his cup full of water take their young audience on a playful journey to discover pictures, sounds, images made by water! Surrounded by taps, showers, buckets, pipes and myriad daily objects, the performer and the audience together navigate whirlpools, bubbles, waterfalls, ripples, showers, waves & flows to find that water is one of the most magical & playful elements in our lives. 
In the end, as the performer becomes one with the water, he invites the audience to reestablish their primal bond with this enchanting element.
Special Thanks to Roberto Frabetti & Teatre La Baracca for being an inspiration.
Directed by Dhanendra Kawade
All workshop and show timings also include time for orientation with parents.
Please follow the event links to book online.
You can alternatively call Choiti 9820361835 for reserving your spot or visiting the space.
For directions, please google map Harkat Studios.
Release: Santosh Sivan’s Boichek – Screening + Q&A @ Harkat Studios
Dec 9 @ 9:00 pm – 11:00 pm
Release: Santosh Sivan's Boichek - Screening + Q&A @ Harkat Studios
We’re glad to announce the release of this extraordinary CINEPLAY in cultural spaces across the city – brought to you by Harkat Studios.
Boichek is Büchner’s famous novel “Woyzeck” reimagined as cineplay by acclaimed film maker Santosh Sivan.
Woyzeck is a hapless, low-ranking soldier-alone and powerless in the tribal society around him. He earns extra money by taking part in medical experiments, but during one such experiment his mental health begins to deteriorate and he begins to experience a series of apocalyptic visions. Assaulted from all sides by forces he cannot control, Woyzeck takes matters into his own hands when he finds his wife has been sleeping with a another soldier.
Directed by Santosh Sivan.
Starring Rupesh Tillu.
Language: Hindi 
A CinePlay blends the grammar of theatre and cinema. While it retains the core of theatre in terms of the suggestive sets and performances, we use the camera in an unrestricted manner moving with the characters just like it does in cinema.
So while it is not merely a recording on the stage of a start to finish performance, it also isn’t cinema as we know it.
​This exclusive release across cultural space​s in Mumbai is brought to you by Harkat Studios.
​About Cineplay​
CinePlay is an initiative of Chhoti Production, a boutique production house that tells compelling stories through diverse mediums, founded by entrepreneur Subodh Maskara and acclaimed actress, and filmmaker Nandita Das.
Season 1 of CinePlay consists of Indian classics of acclaimed playwrights such as Rabindranath Tagore, Vijay Tendulkar, Badal Sarkar and Manoj Mitra. It is available exclusively on Hotstar in India and internationally, with multiple distribution partners. Watch out for season 2, which is currently under production and promises international playwrights and contemporary, edge of the seat action!
​About Harkat Studios​
Harkat Studios is an international boutique arts studio which produces and curates creative content.
As an extension of our creative vision, we curate theatre, music, dance and art in our alternative performance space in Versova and across other cultural space in the city. ​Our curatorial work can be found on www.harkat.in/space ​
The film is also being screened at other spaces on the following dates:
7.12. Baro – 7pm
9.12. Harkat – 9pm
10.12. Cukoo Club – 6.30pm
14.12. The Little House – 8pm
15.12. Goethe Institute 
Timings & Ticket URL to be announced shortly.
Harkat Wohnzimmerkonzert ft. Autorickshaw (folk-pop fusion) @ Harkat Studios
Dec 10 @ 7:30 pm – 9:30 pm
All the way from Toronto, Canada AUTORICKSHAW is stopping by Harkat on their India tour.
“…When their forces are combined, the results are utterly unique and musically pioneering” -The Record
Autorickshaw’s music lies on the cultural cutting edge, as pop, jazz, funk and folk easily rub shoulders with the music of India. Formed in 2003, Autorickshaw is one of the most intriguing acts on the world music and jazz landscapes, garnering 2004 and 2007 JUNO nominations for World Music Album of the Year (Canadian ‘Grammy Awards’), the John Lennon Songwriting Competition Grand Prize in World Music and numerous other national and international awards.
Their sound showcases the sultry, sophisticated vocals of Suba Sankaran, anchored by the melodic bass-lines & beatboxing of Dylan Bell over a bed of intricate Indian percussion by Ed Hanley. The group’s diverse repertoire and range of Eastern and Western elements could only come from musicians with deep roots in both traditions.
Autorickshaw has toured extensively across Canada, the US, Europe, and the UK – and of course India.
Widely covered within Canada, Autorickshaw has also been featured in international media, including BBC Radio, NPR’s Weekend America, Global Rhythm Magazine and All About Jazz (USA); World Music Magazine (Italy), fRoots (UK), Rave Magazine and The Hindu (India); Deutschland Radio Kultur (Germany) as well as appearing on the European World Music Charts.
Suba Sankaran
– Performer, Composer, Educator, Choral Director, Producer
Award-winning world/fusion vocalist Suba Sankaran (daughter of mrdangam maestro, Trichy Sankaran) has effortlessly combined musical worlds, performing across North America, Europe, India and Asia with Autorickshaw, Trichy Sankaran, FreePlay Duo (with Dylan Bell) and Retrocity (80s a cappella revue). Performance highlights include performing for Peter Gabriel, Nelson Mandela and Bishop Tutu, and performing with Bobby McFerrin. Suba is in demand as a choral director, arranger, educator and composer. She has composed and produced music for theatre, film, radio and dance. Highlights include collaborations with Deepa Mehta and the CBC (Canadian Broadcasting Corporation).
Ed Hanley
– tabla, vocal percussion, producer, engineer, videographer

Ed Hanley began his tabla training in Toronto, Canada with Ritesh Das in 1989. Since then, he has studied tabla with master drummers Pt Swapan Chaudhuri in Toronto and California; Pt Anindo Chatterjee in Calcutta and Pt Suresh Talwalkar in Pune, India. Ed has also studied Carnatic drumming and rhythmic theory with master drummers Dr Trichy Sankaran and Karakudi Mani as well as studying Nattuvangam with Hari Krishnan. He has also taken classes and workshops with accomplished tabla players including Subhajyoti Guha, Indranil Mallick and Mayank Bedekar in Canada and India.
Ed is co-artistic director of Autorickshaw, as well as a freelancer, performing with diverse projects in the worlds of music, theatre, dance and film, including premiering Dinuk Wijeratne’s Tabla Concerto with Symphony Orchestra and on the soundtrack of the major motion picture Such a long Journey.
Dylan Bell
– bass, voice, keys, beatboxing, composer, arranger, producer, engineer
In a word… multifaceted. Dylan Bell’s musical curiosity keep him effortlessly crossing and blurring musical boundaries. Dylan is a mainstay on the Canadian music scene, having sung, played bass and keyboards with many of Canada’s premiere music ensembles. Behind the mixing board, Dylan has produced or engineered several award-winning albums, including a Juno co-nomination as Best Engineer, the most recent album with world-renowned Swingle Singers from London, England, and a Juno-nominated album with cappella legends The Nylons. Dylan’s work as a composer and arranger has garnered international recognition, as winner of the John Lennon International Songwriting Competition and a Contemporary A Cappella Recording Award. Dylan is also a published author, and is in demand worldwide as an instrumental teacher and vocal/choral clinician.
16mm Film Festival @ Harkat Studios
Dec 16 all-day
16mm Film Festival @ Harkat Studios

Harkat is proud to present Mumbai’s only 16mm film festival.

As we zoom past Instagram filters, automated editing apps on our phones and countless banal videos on our timeline, Harkat wants to travel back to a time of Celluloid. It seems almost utopian now, a time where film making was slow, meticulous and reserved for the select few patient enough to spend hours and hours on formulating a piece of art which could only be admired in a cinema hall, but we believe it is doable.

We want to relive the magic of churning a film through a projector onto a speckless cloth, evoking the tangible quality of the medium.

Aram Nagar, originally a refugee colony used to screen 16mm films during the 60’s & 70’s in the central community ‘maidaan’. The dynamic has now shifted to it being a bustling film and theatre neighborhood, keeping in mind the historical context of the neighborhood we are situated in, we are proud to present a 16mm film festival, showing contemporary and classic films, along with workshops and talks.

The festival has four sections as of now, an experimental film screening section, a commercial screening section, an interactive workshop with a talk on 16mm film and a section where we facilitate young film makers to make their own 16mm films.

We are accepting entries till the 15h November 2017
To submit your films, kindly log onto: https://filmfreeway.com/festival/Harkat16mmFestival

Please note: We are only accepting films shot in 16mm film format.

The Harkat Klassik Evening with Piano & Cello @ Harkat Studios
Dec 17 @ 7:30 pm – 9:00 pm
Harkat is bringing Western Classical music right to your doorstep. Every month we invite world class musicians to perform in our cozy little studio. But the “Klassik Evening” is not just pure performance of famous pieces, during the course of the evening, the performers share with us a slice of life. Anecdotes from the composers’ lives, stories that they connect with certain pieces, the meaning behind a “danse” and a “waltz”, …
They give us an entry to this often so mystified “high art” of classical music – creating a connection even for those of us who’re listening to Western Classical for the first time live.
And for real fans, there’s of course nothing more enchanting than being able to watch how the fingers of a world-travelling concert musician dance elegantly across her instrument right in front of our eyes.
We’re delighted to welcome a duo which has been brought to life especially for this evening – Polish cellist Magdalena Sas and Swedish pianist Emma Gilljam Tillu.
With the friendly support of Theme Music and Kawai!
C. Debussy – Sonata for cello and piano
S. Rachmaninoff – Vocalise
J. Brahms – 2nd movement from Sonata in F major.
G. Cassadó – Danse du diable vert
A. Pärt – Fratres
D. Shostakovich – 2nd movement from Sonata for cello and piano
A. Piazolla – Libertango

Emma Gilljam Tillu
Emma Gilljam Tillu is a classical pianist from Sweden. She has a Bachelor of Music in performance from the Royal College of Music in Stockholm followed by a Master of Music in Chamber Music from Scandinavia’s top institution the Royal college of Music/Edsberg Manor. She has participated in several masterclasses by internationally renowned pianists and musicians such as Paul Roberts, Yonty Solomon, Hans Leygraf, The Altenberg Trio and Michel Béroff. She was awarded the Gottfried Boon-scholarship by the Royal Music Academy of Sweden in 2004 and was a finalists in the national competition “Ung och Lovande” (Young and Promising) in 2003. Since her graduation in 2007, she has performed in concert houses throughout Sweden, at several chamber music festivals, and as a soloist with several orchestras. In 2008 she toured extensively in China with her trio “Stockholm Chamber Trio” commissioned by Rikskonserter (Concerts Sweden).
Emma likes to collaborate with other art forms, she is the co-founder of the theatre company Theatreact and she regularly performs in theatre performances and dance performances, which has taken her around Europe, India and The United States.

Since three years back Emma has her base in Mumbai where she is working as a freelance pianist and piano teacher. In 2015 she did her Mumbai debut as a soloist with the Symphony Orchestra of India under the baton of Piotr Borkowski at Prithvi Theatre and a year before that with the Bombay Chamber Orchestra performing two different Mozart concertos.

Emma keeps travelling back and fourth to Sweden for concerts, recently she was part of the Swedish contemporary opera “Kärlekskriget” that had it’s world premiere in June 2017 in Vattnäs Concert house, which critics raved in all Swedish media.

Magdalena Sas (Cello)

Polish cellist Magdalena Sas graduated from the Royal Music Conservatory in Brussels, Belgium and the Academy of Music in Cracow, Poland.
Following her passion for chamber music, she completed a postgraduate course in string quartet performance at the University of Music and Performing Arts Vienna, Austria, where she studied with Prof. Johannes Meissl from Artis Quartet Wien. She was a member of the renown European Chamber Music Academy in Austria and a fellow at the Norfolk Chamber Music Festival in the USA at Yale.
In 2014 Ms. Sas was awarded the prestigious Fulbright Scholarship, she is also a recipient of the Thomastik Infeld Vienna Scholarship (Austria), Louise Willson Scholarship (USA), Adam Mickiewicz Institute scholarship (Poland), European Chamber Music Academy scholarship (Austria), Young Talent Festival scholarship (The Netherlands), Hulencourt Art Project Scholarship (Belgium).
Ms. Sas is a prize winner of many international competitions including Charles Hennen International Chamber Music Competition in The Netherlands, Josef Windisch Kammermusikpreis Vienna, Rising Stars in Berlin, Val Tidone International Chamber Music competition in Italy, Emuse competition in Greece.
She actively performs as a soloist, orchestral and especially a chamber musician in Europe, USA and recently- in India.

Following her passion for teaching in 2015, Magdalena started a cello program for the Mehli Mehta Music Foundation in Mumbai, India. Having a strong belief in music’s social function she initiated opening a cello program for the underprivileged children from South Mumbai. She is currently volunteering at the Happy Home& School for the Blind in Mumbai, where she teaches cello to students suffering from visual impairment.